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    We,Longfei Group,are a large transtrade and transarea multicompany consisting of more than 18 member enterprises besides Longfei Group Co., Ltd. as our core one,such as Zhejiang Longfei Industry Co.,Ltd.,Yueqing Longfei Medical Appliance Joint Ventures. We are engaged in the research,development and production of PSA oxygen generators for hospitals, body-building apparatus,biologic health care products, automation meters for industry and fire alarming & linkage control system.
    Zhejiang Longfei Industry Co.,Ltd.,specialized in the development and production of Medical Health Care Oxygen Concentrator,PSA Oxygen Generator for hospital central supply and Hospital Negative Pressure Sucking Systems,is the only leading enterprise with both oxygen concentrator for home and PSA oxygen generator for hospital in the domestic.Eight office have been established, possessing the stable customer network and after-sale service network, the products exported to the United States, Japan,Turkey, Nigeria, South-East countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have been also successful in many bids for our oxygen serial products in recent years, such as Women and children Item by Public Health Department of China, World Band Loan Item, Population Fund Item by the United Nations.
    We lay our target on quality the first and faithful business.
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