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The technical data as follows:

1. Oxygen flow (L/min): 1~10
2. Oxygen purity (%): 93%±3%
3. Oxygen delivery pressure (Mpa)(adjustable):
0.38Mpa~0.42Mpa—as oxygen source of anesthesia machine and ventilator.
0.18Mpa~0.22Mpa—can be used in aquiculture and sewage treatment industry.
0.03Mpa~0.07Mpa—can be used in oxygen terminals for inhaling.
4. Noise dB (A): ≤60
5. Decides the power (w): 1200(AC220V/230V)
6.Net weight (kg): 63
7. With power failure alarm
8. With running time demonstrates belt
9. With oxygen purity indicator
10.With low and high-pressure alarm
   output pressure ≥0.46Mpa.(alarm)
   output pressure ≤0.28Mpa.(alarm)
   output pressure ≥0.50Mpa, (automatically stop)
11.the earliest delivery time will be with 3~5weeks
12.110V/50Hz and 220V/50Hz are available Power failure alarm: Yes
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